Tuesday, 14 October 2014

GPRA AGM and Reunion - Bournemouth 2014

On Friday 10th of October I made the journey down to Bournemouth once more to represent Chalk at the GPRA AGM and Reunion.

The journey was uneventful but the weekend was not, Chalk received a special mention at the AGM with a round of applause from the members which, I can report, brought a tear to my eye! Everybody is so friendly and approachable that its really more like a family reunion and even the thunder storm on Saturday morning did little to dampen anyone's spirit.

Saturday evening's meal was superb as always and the speeches very entertaining as was the conversation on our table, new friends were made and more information added to the reference book.After breakfast on the Sunday I drove back up to Leeds but the journey seemed shorter as my mind was full of the weekends activities! 

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended and for being so pleasant, helpful and for acknowledging Chalks efforts throughout the year. Until next time all.

The Cumberland Hotel, Bournemouth. Always comfortable and accommodating to the GPRA
(if a little too warm at times). © Matt Yates 2014.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Interesting Horsa Cargo Photo

This was originally posted on the GPR Facebook page but I wanted to share the information here too.

The first photo is taking looking forward towards the cockpit and shows a motorcycle combination loaded into the cargo hold with two airlanding troops looking on, a Royal Engineers unit indicated by the '49' on the sidecar. The photo also shows the cockpit doors in closed position.

The second photo shows a load diagram for the Horsa showing a Jeep, trailer and motorcycle combination. Thanks to Luuk Buist for this image.

Operation Varsity Photographs

These photos were passed on to me by a collector friend of mine, Alistair Taylor. They show British infantry dug in on the site of one of the glider landing zones clearly sometime after the airborne assault itself judging by the condition of the Waco/Hadrian gliders!

A British Bren team takes up position by the nose of a wrecked Waco/Hadrian glider. March 1945.
British infantry dig in with the wreckage of a Waco/Hadrian glider visible in the distance. March 1945.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Double Hills 2014, Duxford IWM and AAC Arnhem Dinner 2014

This year may have been relatively quiet for Chalk but the month of September certainly made up for that! 

We represented the Glider Pilot Regiment at the Double Hills Arnhem memorial in Paulton, Somerset on Sunday 7th September. On Wednesday 10th September we again represented the Regiments involvement at Arnhem by attending a private screening of the film 'Theirs is the Glory' held in the museums original WW2 cinema and finally on Thursday 11th September we attended the commemorative Arnhem Dinner at the Sergeants Mess at Middle Wallop AAC where we set up a GPR themed display and sat down with serving AAC members and veteran Glider Pilots alike. I'd like to take this opportunity to mention that I was treated extremely well by all concerned and made to feel like one of the family, a great honour indeed.

A commemorative copy of the 'Theirs is the Glory' program and a limited edition engraved beer glass, 
souvenirs of the night at Duxford IWM's cinema.
The Chalk GPR Arnhem display set up in the Sgts Mess Bar, Middle Wallop AAC. September 2014.
The evenings menu, commemorative medal and my place name card. All going in the GPR 'box'.
Reverse of the 70th Anniversary commemorative medal presented to the dinner's attendees by the AAC Sgts Mess.
Front of the 70th Anniversary commemorative medal presented to the dinner's attendees by the AAC Sgts Mess.