Sunday, 31 July 2011

Chalk's War and Peace Show Photographs...

Well, the weather was poor on Wednesday and Thursday but the sun shone down on us for Friday, Saturday and Sunday!! Crowd numbers through the wooded area where we, and all the other British airborne groups (Just Ordinary Men, Battle for Europe and VERA) were located were excellent, far better than last year and to top it all off we won FIRST PLACE in the Best Small Display group!! Chalk joined forces with the aforementioned groups, especially VERA who portrayed a Border Regiment Vickers MG crew whilst Chalk portrayed Glider Pilots. As usual, as I was the only photographer in our midst then we only have a few pics to show for it but hopefully some of the professional photographers who were milling around should have some to offer? I'll keep an eye out and try to show them here if they come up. Our thanks must also go to Richard Carson who joined in with us for the week as a third Glider Pilot. Cheers Matt.

PS. thanks to Stuart Gould Photography for the colour pic of yours truly shown at the bottom of this post. Matt

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