Thursday, 29 December 2011

'Weathered' British Airborne Helmet

Ok, so some of you may know about my liking of all things 'weathered', that's 'weathered' NOT 'aged' (and its a personal preference, not a group preference). After being inspired to weather my Airborne helmet after seeing the work of Greg from Texas who makes and weathers his own range of helmets (If anyone has a link or contact details for Greg, please let us know). Although his work is outstanding, unfortunately his prices (for me) are a little prohibitive so as I had my own Pegasus Militaria reproduction helmet I guessed it'd be simple enough to do the weathering work myself. Here's my efforts, minus any stampings which I need to make for the inside. The Glider Pilot helmet is on course and I'll have some updated photos asap so watch this space. Cheers Matt.

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