Wednesday, 25 July 2012

S.Sgt Tom Wilson - GPR

A week or so before we attended the War & Peace Show (pics and report to follow) I was contacted by Paul McInnes regarding his Grandfather S.Sgt Tom Wilson, veteran of Operation Ladbroke (Chalk No.29 Waco/Hadrian) and Operation Market Garden (Chalk No.489 Waco/Hadrian). Interestingly, S.Sgt Wilson flew as part of 'X' Flight into Nijmegen as part of Browings HQ, taking in members of the USAF Forward Air Signals unit!

S.Sgt Wilson flew from Manston to LZ 'N' near Groesbeek, with Sgt Nicholson as his 2nd pilot.

Paul is fortunate enough to be the owner of some of Tom's GPR memorabilia, including his Pilot's log book and 1st Pilot wings amongst other items (see photo's below).

Paul believes his Grandfather served with the KOSB's before joining the GPR and he unfortunately contracted Malaria whilst serving in North Africa. If anyone has more information regarding either S.Sgt Wilson, Sgt Nicholson or indeed the USAF FAS please don't hesitate to comment on this post or contact myself directly.

Many thanks to Paul for allowing us to post his Grandfathers' story here and also to Steve Wright for providing Paul with invaluable information regarding chalk numbers etc.

A photograph of Tom Wilson in his later years. Courtesy Paul McInnes 2012.

S.Sgt Tom Wilsons Waco/Hadrian glider after Operation Ladbroke, July 1943. Courtesy Paul McInnes 2012.

Some of Paul's GPR memorabilia relating to his Grandfather. Courtesy Paul McInnes 2012.

A page from S.Sgt Wilson's Pilot Log Book. Courtesy Paul McInnes 2012.

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