Wednesday, 23 January 2013

S.Sgt Sydney Knox

I was recently contacted by Colin Knox, the son of S/Sgt Sydney Knox GPR. Colin has been kind enough to allow us to use some photographs of his father (along with other GP's), he's also provided me with what information he's been able to gather over the years. If any of you can provide us with more details then please do so.

My records show Staff Sergeant Sydney Knox (No.820096) of 'C' Squadron flew from Tarrant Rushton in chalk number 371, a Horsa, carrying Jeeps and/or other equipment of the Reconnaissance Sqdn into LZ 'Z' on 17th Sept 1944. Colin has been able to add; after the heavy fighting in and around Oosterbeek, Sydney escaped by swimming across the Rhine in the early hours of Tuesday 26th September, walked to Driel and then on to Nijmegen.

His co-pilot was S/Sgt D E Baker (No.4979177). However, he's listed as PoW held at Stalag 11B (Fallingbostel).

If any of the information above is in error or incomplete please don't hesitate to contact me with corrections. Likewise, if anybody has a detailed load list for chalk 371 we'd be very interested to see it.

Colin has given me permission to show the following photographs, please do not reproduce without permission. Thank you.

Sydney Knox - No. 64 Glider Pilot Conversion Course 'A' flight

Newspaper cutting of those who represented the GPR, June 1946

S/Sgt. Sydney Knox with his dog 'Flack' in the cockpit of a Horsa glider

Flight with Horsa Glider

Flight with the giant Hamilcar Glider

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