Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Fantastic New Addition to the Chalk Collection!

Back in May 2012 I managed to procure copy of 'The Complete Flying Course' which had belonged to S.Sgt George Allison, the seller (his daughter-in-law) was kind enough to include a photograph of George in the sale along with some brief background information, please see link below for the original story:

Link: S.Sgt G Allison

Imagine my surprise when I managed to trip over another seller on a militaria collectors forum who was selling George's log book, wings and shoulder titles! I contacted the seller (who is based in Australia) and a total figure was agreed on for the log book and one set of first pilot wings - the second pair of wings and the titles remain out of my price range unfortunately.

The log book and wings are an excellent addition not only to our overall GPR collection but being able to put them together with the other items belonging to George is an absolute bonus!

S.Sgt Allisons Log book, wings and a photograph of his wedding day.
The inside of the log book which came with a collection of George's postings and a proficiency certificate for 'best all round recruit' dated 1945.

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