Monday, 20 April 2015

Chalk Facebook Page

We've noticed that more and more people and LH groups are now using Facebook as means of communicating with others. We've had this blogsite for a number of years and it has proved very useful and popular but in an effort to reach out further we've made the decision to create a brand new Facebook page!
The blogsite will remain active but we won't be updating it from this point forward and it will instead become an online archive.
From now on we will be updating the FB page, although we might resurrect some of the blogsite material in order to share it with new friends on Facebook.
Please feel free to 'like' the Facebook page and become a friend of the group in order to stay up to date with our activities.
All the best
Chalk Living History


  1. seems my late father was with glider pilot regiment. he was a trooper with no1.he never mentioned this we always thought he was in cheshires. ive got his cap badge for cheshires.anyone throw light on this.

  2. Hi Kath, sorry I've only just seen your comment as we pretty much only use Facebook these days. Is there anyway you could contact me via our FB page or email me at ?