Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bernard Osborn's Story

67 years ago to the day, (original article dated: 6th June 2011) Paul Fiddian's granddad was being towed over the channel to participate in one of the most famous operations of WW2: D-Day. In this article, he tells the story of his flying career, which took him from the green fields of England to the muddy grounds of Arnhem and back again.

With the kind permission of Paul Fiddian, Chalk would like to present a rather interesting article which I managed to stumble across during one a nice quiet afternoon whilst looking for anything related to the Glider Pilot Regiment... its amazing what you can find when you take the time to look!

Paul has very kindly allowed us to include the images taken from his original article on the Global Aviation Resource website as they really are extremely interesting pictures including a shot of the experimental 'white' Horsa as used in the Middle East and one or two of GP's and Airborne types on active service in Palastine 1946.

Please follow the link below and read Paul's article, if you'd like to leave any comments here then please do so.

Link: Aviation History

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