Thursday, 23 February 2012

Reproduction 24 Hour Rations

Some time ago we decided to see if we could produce some realistic reproduction 24hr Ration boxes complete with contents for display purposes (these are not edible). Through a process of trial and error we were able to replicate the waxed outer box and sealing tape, and by utilising different papers and cards we were also able to make up some contents along with an instruction sheet. As some of you will know there is very little reference available for the 24hr Ration packs; a handful of photographs and a tiny bit of WD footage (available on the Pathe News site, link below. Watch at 00:53 seconds in). Waxing the outer box was an interesting and smelly process which needed an understanding partner and the use of their oven!

Attached are some photographs of the results in colour and black and white. We even made up a batch of empty boxes to litter around our slit trenches at living history events for added authenticity. Matt

Link: 24 Hour Rations 00:53

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  1. A Dutch guy I know once made a large batch of these boxes. His reference was an original box partially filled, from a friend. He made the boxes from a more brown colour. He also experimented with waxing. One way was dipping them in a pot with molten candle wax. His best result he got from rubbing in brown stained wood wax. It is easy to apply and dries quit fast. One of his boxes ended up in a museum in France! The sealing was done with a brand of medical tape Leukoplast. It is a cloth tape available in different colours.