Saturday, 3 March 2012

1942 Dated Denison Smock - Or Maybe Not?

Ok, so its not an original '42 dated Denison. Its actually one of the new Rangercamp smocks that's had some 'modifications', if you can call them that? I spent considerable time working on the fabric to make the colour more accurate and break down some of the fibres, then its been hung on the washing line for a couple of months in all weathers. Glider Pilot wings have been added along with Sgt stripes and crown. An original jack knife lanyard has been used as a whistle lanyard and a grenade pull has replace the cloth zipper pull (the idea was taken from an original photograph).

As an experiment I also removed the sizing label that come with all Rangercamp smocks and created my own by copying an original and printing it out onto transfer paper before transposing onto some vintage cotton and sewing into place.

 If you compare this smock to the photo of the smock as its supplied from Rangercamp, I'm sure you'll agree it looks more acceptable now? Also follow the link to the Paradata website you can see original 1st patterns, 2nd patterns and also post-war examples.

Link: Paradata Smocks

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