Thursday, 21 June 2012

The GPR and PPA - Weblink and Story

Another interesting website I came across whilst 'Googling' one lunchtime is that of Friends of Popski's Private Army. This is an excellent site with History of PPA, News, Reference and much more, including the intriguing story of Lt. John Mockridge who alongside a number of GP colleagues was incorporated into PPA with a view to being used in future glider operations! 

Link: Lt. John Mockridge GPR/PPA

It never ceases to amaze me at just how much information there is out there on the Glider Pilot Regiment, all you have to do is snoop around a bit and you're sure to find something.

I contacted foPPA to ask if I could add a link to their site (I always ask permission first), and was instantly given the go ahead by their secretary Roy Paterson. Roy also requests any information any of you might have on the other 12 members of the GPR who were attached to PPA with John Mockridge at this time? If anybody can help please contact me in the first instance and I'll let Roy know.

Secondly Roy also mentioned his interest in 1st Airborne Divisions landing ground near Kairouan in Tunisia (see link below), again if anyone can forward further information please do so.

Link: 1st Airborne Div in Tunisa

And finally, Roy would also like to know more about the move from Bizerta to Taranto on USS Boise on 9/10 September 1943, particularly photographs if anyone has any?

Please visit the foPPA website links above, its well worth it, very interesting stuff. It would also be great to help out a fellow enthusiast so let's see what we can do.

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