Thursday, 28 June 2012

S.Sgt James Albert Partington GPR

Via the excellent Facebook page for the Glider Pilot Regiment I came across these photographs of  S.Sgt Partington formerly of 'H' and 'N' Squadron's of GPR.

Link: The Glider Pilot Regiment - Facebook

His son, Brian Partington posted the following on the FB page:

"Now I am confused! My brother tells me that the flight log book up to 1945 shows he was with flight 27 of 'H' Squadron of the Glider Pilot Regiment. But, in September 1946 he was with 'N' Squadron. I also know he was involved with the repatriation of German POW's after the war. Any help would be appreciated"

Of interest here is his flying helmet with earphones but no Oxygen Mask, only the microphone element.

Thanks to Brian Partington for allowing us to show these photos and information.

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