Wednesday, 6 February 2013

4th Para Brigade Memorial Plaque

Last year I was approached by my good friend Philip Reinders with a request to design a memorial plaque to mark the unearthed 4th Para Brigade slit trenches located around Papendal near Oosterbeek in Holland.

Philip, along with his colleague Jeroen Niels, started the clearing project after locating what remained of the slit trenches back in 2004 and made it a mission to keep the area clear as much as possible over the years until they were finally given permission to place a memorial plaque next to the trenches. They organised this themselves and many enthusiasts and historians were kind enough to donate money towards having the plaque made, I was honoured to donate the design and artwork of the plaque itself.

I'm sure you'll agree that this has been a worthy effort on the part of all involved. Please see pics of the plaque and slit trenches below.

Thank you.


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