Thursday, 7 February 2013

Flight Magazine Online Archive

I came across this the other day whilst searching for some information about Horsa gliders. The Flight Magazine website holds PDF archives of the magazine dating from 1909 to 2004! 

A search facility allowed me to search for 'Horsa', 'Hamilicar', 'Glider Pilot Regiment' as well as other relevant keywords pertaining to the use of gliders in WW2. Once you find your article it is then possible to download a PDF file of that page - superb stuff.

Link: Flight Global

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  1. IN 1949/50 a mass departure to the United States of a large number of USAF or USAAF B29's overflew southern England on their return to the USA, I believe , following the closure of a number of American airbases in eastern England after the Russian threat seemed to have cooled. I recall seeing massed contrails as they passed over my home. I am unable to recall which year this happened. Do you have any record of this event in your archives? A US acquaintance will be interested in any info. Many thanks.