Sunday, 24 February 2013

Chalk Visit The Museum of Army Flying

Following on from the 71st Anniversary Lunch, Chalk and OBLI LHG were permitted a visit to the MAF just down the road from the Army Aviation Centre.

I haven't been to the museum for a couple of years so it was a pleasure to go again, especially in uniform!

The exhibits within the museum are superb, and cover just about every aspect of Army flying and the GPR itself; a Miles Magister, Kirby Kite, Waco (Hadrian), parts of Horsa's and even a large part of a Hamilcar glider which was found in a farmers field in the 1970's being used as a chicken shed! (now thankfully reconstructed and put on display).

If you're interested in Army flying and are anywhere near Middle Wallop this summer, then you must check out this museum.

However, the absolute highlight of my visit was being able to lower the flag of the Glider Pilot Regiment which flies outside the Museum's entrance. This was a real honour, and I'd like to thank the museum and Josh Elson for allowing me the opportunity.

Myself and OBLI LHG in front of one of the Museum's Horsa gliders.

Myself; lowering the Glider Pilot Regiment flag at the end of the day.

The museum has many artifacts pertaining to the Glider Pilot Regiment along with Army Flying exhibits.

The mighty Hamilcar glider, once used as a farmer's chicken shed!

The Miles Magister training aircraft.
The Hotspur glider was the main training glider for the Glider Pilot Regiment.

A Mk2 Horsa glider cockpit and fuselage. Shown in front are a collection of resupply canisters and packs.

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  1. Thanks for this lovely blog about the Museum. Very much appreciated.