Friday, 27 December 2013

Not Many Of Us Left by Hugh Carling

Although the Chalk library has pretty much all the titles relating to the Glider Pilot Regiment there are, of course, several which are rare, out of print and simply too expensive to sit on the shelves alongside the others.

One of these titles was 'Not Many Of Us Left' by former Glider Pilot Sergeant Hugh Carling. However, with the help of Glyn at Glynsbooks (see link below) a copy was found and now resides shoulder to shoulder with the likes of 'Arnhem Lift', 'Nothing Is Impossible', 'Nine Days' and many others.

The book follows Hugh's progress from pre-war civvy street to him joining the Army at the outbreak of war, his service in North Africa and his eventual volunteering for the GPR and all that brought with it. The book is an excellent read and gives a good insight in to the life of just one of the men who flew gliders into battle. There are very few photographs and one or two minor incorrect details but overall this is a worthy addition to the research assets for the group. If you can find a copy, then get it!

Link: Glynsbooks

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