Friday, 27 December 2013

Original Hadrian Glider Pilots Notes

Original glider Pilots Notes can sometimes be hard to come across but when I saw this little beauty on Ebay recently I just had to have it!

I've seen original WACO Pilots Notes before now but to find a set of British Pilots Notes especially in the guise of HADRIAN meant I had to make a financial sacrifice and dig deep!

As you can see from the photos the condition isn't too bad considering its age. The notes themselves were reprinted in India in 1944 - the Waco/Hadrian proved itself well in the Burma campaign, the Horsa didn't fair well in the humidity and heat. The notes are named on the front cover to F/O M Pennington (or maybe Pinnington?) and there are pen markings throughout (as a collector this is always something I like).

I just have to find original Horsa and Hamilcar notes now... oh and Hotspur...!

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